The cookhouse at the Oldest House Museum

In the 1950s Key West’s citizens watched as several of their most valued architectural treasures were lost to neglect or new development. These events galvanized preservationists to organize the nonprofit Old Island Restoration Foundation in 1960 to promote the preservation and restoration of historically significant buildings.

Over the years, Old Island Restoration Foundation has raised and granted hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintain the Oldest House Museum and to award grants to restore historical buildings in Key West, including Old City Hall, the Custom House, the Martello Forts, the Key West Lighthouse, the Women’s Club, several churches, and more. The Foundation also awards a scholarship each year to a Key West High School student. The Foundation is administered by a Board of Directors and staff, listed below.

All activities are funded by member contributions, Key West Home Tours™, rental of the Oldest House’s beautiful garden for weddings and other events such as the annual Conch Shell Blowing Contest. The Old Island Restoration Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with an office in the Oldest House and Garden Museum at 322 Duval Street in Key West, Florida.

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Board of Directors

Nance Frank, President
Steve Black, Vice President
Mia Castillo, Treasurer
Wayne Garcia, Secretary
Mark Certonio, Exec Committee
Jean Shannon
Bill Beck
Barbara Bowers
Jermy Ashby
Parlin Meyer
Martin Liz
Michael Marrero

Meet the Board of Directors and staff

Advisory Board Members

Mayor of Key West Teri Johnston
Key West Police Chief Sean Brandenburg
Matthew Helmerich
Rosi Ware
David Sloan
Charles Pattison
Sheila Sands-Devendorf
Bert Bender
Enid Torregeossa
Moraima Clavijo, Cuba
Bryan Green
Jed Dodds


Administrator, Nicolette Alex-Sands,
Administrative Assistant, Matt Hon 305-294-9501,
Docent Coordinator, Andy Herdan 305-414-8212,
Marketing / Membership, Kathy Sage