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Historic District of Key West

“The Historic District of Key West is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. More than 2500 buildings and structures, many of them built with wood, contribute to the unique historic urban fabric that attracts thousands of visitors each year. From the Ernest Hemingway House, to cigar makers' cottages, it is through the preservation of historic buildings that we keep a connection with the past; a past that needs to be preserved for future generations.”

Above quote is taken from the City of Key West Historic Architectural Review Commission (HARC) page

2012 Key West Historic Resources Survey 2011 City of Key West Planning Department Key West, Monroe County, Florida Certified Local Government Grant No. 1105 FINAL REPORT August 31, 2012

2004 HISTORIC RESOURCES SURVEY OF KEY WEST, MONROE COUNTY, FLORIDA Prepared for: City of Key West Building Department Historical and Architectural Review Commission 604 Simonton Street Key West, FL 33041

Key West Historic District on Wikipedia

“The Key West Historic District (also known as Old Town of the City of Key West) is a U.S. historic district (designated as such on March 11, 1971) located in Key WestFlorida. It encompasses approximately 4000 acres (16 km²), bounded by White, Angela, Windsor, Passover, Thomas and Whitehead Streets, and the Gulf of Mexico. It contains 187 historic buildings and one structure.

On February 24, 1983, the district was expanded to 5400 acres (22 km²), bounded by Emma, Whitehead, White, and South Streets, Mallory Square, and the Atlantic Ocean, to contain 2485 historic buildings and four structures.

For current boundaries of the historic district, visit the City of Key West's H.A.R.C. webpage.

Old Town is the name given to the historic district of the island of Key WestFlorida. It is roughly the western half of the island. It is also where the central business district and majority of tourist attractions are located.”

1884 map of Key West
1884 Map of Key West

National Organizations:

National Trust for Historic Preservation
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National Register of Historic Places – National Park Service
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State Organizations:

Florida Trust for Historic Preservation
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Florida Division of Historical Resources
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Local Organizations:

City of Key West Historic Architectural Review Commission (HARC)
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Historic Florida Keys Foundation
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Key West Art and Historical Society
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Monroe County Public Library

Tom’s Keys History Blog
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Florida Keys Photo Collection – Thousands of old and historic photos of people and buildings in Key West
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Oral Histories of Key West
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History Department FAQ
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Key West Historian Tom Hambright on CSPAN


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