Oldest House Restoration

Published December 18, 2016

The Oldest House in Key West, located at 322 Duval Street, was built in 1829 and moved to its present location by 1836.  Old Island Restoration Foundation has been operating the State owned structure since 1960 and is responsible for all maintenance of the house and surrounding grounds.  The limestone piers that support the house have been slowly decaying over the past 180 years and are now at the point where replacement is necessary.

Front porch pier
Front porch pier
Photos by Steve Black

We are finished with the second phase of this project which is to replace 24 piers supporting the main house.  The piers supporting the front porch were replaced in the first phase.  Each limestone pier is removed one at at time and replaced with a modern concrete pillar that is reinforced with steel bars.  The work is painstaking and it is difficult to work under the house where there is barely enough headroom to sit.

The total cost of this project was in excess of $100,000 and your support to fund this effort would be greatly appreciated.  Please help us maintain this historic structure which provides us with a glimpse of life in Key West in the 1800s.

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Old Island Restoration Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit orgaization.