The following people have provided testimonials on why they have become members of Old Island Restoration Foundation. You can become a Member yourself here. Tell us why your a member by dropping us an email at Thank you.

“I think I first saw The Oldest House while on vacation in the 70’s.  I’m a home tour junkie and I love to visit our old and unique historical homes and buildings.  Preservation of these increasingly rare structures is key and OIRF helps homeowners, businesses and cultural icons do this. Our history is what makes Key West a unique travel destination and a delightful place to live.  I hope you’ll consider joining OIRF or becoming a sponsor.”

Fran Decker, Owner, Frangipani Gallery, OIRF member since 2014


“In the late 1980’s, we restored a Victorian home in a high risk neighborhood of Milwaukee, WI. Believing it only deserved Victorian furnishing, we soon found ourselves into the antique business that allowed us to travel the byways of America looking for treasures to own and sell.  Every city seem to be struggling with holding on to their historic properties and heritage. We joined OIRF in 2004 after attending our first house tour. Key West has a story of preservation around every corner.    OIRF founders recognized the need to save Key West’s historical homes, buildings and heritage and the journey will never end. Today as members, sponsors or volunteers, you   guarantee a future for the past. Get involved, you won’t regret it.”

Jean and Clark Shannon, OIRF members since 2004

“Having had a lifelong love of history (growing up in an almost 300-year old house certainly helped), and then discovering the Oldest House, just seemed like a natural match. What really hooked me in (c. 2010?) was volunteering as a docent for the Home Tours! And then around 2014 I started docenting at the Oldest House! The next step was to get further involved by joining the board.  The whole experience has been a good one, and I cannot encourage people who love history enough to get involved, at whatever level suits you!”

Parlin Meyer, OIRF Member since 2014


“After retiring, I became interested in restoring old furniture and building new furniture.  My great grandfather was a furniture maker and we have the hutch in our dining room he built more than 100 years ago.  I guess the interest is “in my genes”. Being a Board member of Old Island Restoration Foundation is an extension of that interest, and is a way for me to strengthen my contribution to historic preservation.  Our 501[C][3] non-profit operates and maintains the “Oldest House Museum”, gives grants to preserve structures in Key West and conducts annual Key West Home Tours™ to promote both preservation and restoration.  It’s all part of the Foundation’s mission. If you are an advocate of historic preservation, please become a member, volunteer or donate to OIRF.  That’s a great way to further YOUR cause too!”

Dave Hubbert, OIRF Member since 2011

“Old Island Restoration Foundation literally saved the historic buildings of old town and much of our culture, when I was a child 58 years ago. Key West is different from every other town in the world. We have historic architecture, 3400 mostly wooden structures and a very unique culture.  We champion diversity and welcome strangers. Preserving our Heritage is why I am a member of OIRF. Everyone and anyone who loves Key West should join, today!”

Nance Frank, Owner, Gallery on Greene, OIRF Member since 2017

“In 1973 we drove from the Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland with our 3 girls and tennis racquets for Christmas in Key West.  We were charmed by the old houses and its history. We decided in 1976 to buy one of the boarded up circa 1894 cigar makers houses which was first on the street to be restored. A later retirement (US Navy,) we established a Key West presence and became docents for the oldest house. An absolute joy as old Island does so much to keep history alive and promote restoration. Please consider becoming a member. You will help keep Key West the unique city it is forever.”

Barbara and Ross Neagley, OIRF Members since 2008


“I have lived in Key West almost 30 years and my dream was to own a little conch house. When I returned in 2002, I was able to buy my dream home. I went to college for Architectural Engineering and fell in love with the process of building a structure. I have always been fascinated with cathedrals in Europe and how they were built so long ago. When entering any of our structures in Key West I always see a cathedral built of wood and I wonder.  I presently renovate old homes in my spare time and am very proud to be an OIRF Board Member to help preserve our historic old town. (Plaque on Mark’s home.)

Mark Certonio, Owner, Dolce Events and Marketing, OIRF Member since 2017